Many people are surprised to learn that owning a home may be more affordable than renting a home here in Kodiak. If you are ready to transition to home ownership, KIHA offers a variety of options. Both the Home Start Program and Mutual Help Homeownership Program are for Alaska Native and American Indian applicants (AIAN) but our loan origination services are for everyone. Browse our programs to find one that matches your needs!

Home Start Homeownership Program

This program is designed to increase affordable housing opportunities for Alaska Native and American Indian households who are in the low to very low income categories. With a low down payment and manageable monthly payments, this program makes home ownership a possibility for home buyers that don’t qualify for conventional loans.

  • Qualifications

    • Proof of Alaska Native or American Indian heritage
    • Home price of $300,000 or less
    • Must be a first time home buyer
    • A complete application including evidence of regular, recurring income sufficient to make house payments
    • Certification that the subject property will be owner-occupied
    • 1% minimum down payment (not borrowed or a gift)
    • Proof of income (must not exceed 80% of the Median Family Income for Kodiak)
    • Completion of an AHFC-approved Homebuyer Education Class and credit counseling (when applicable)

Mutual Help Homeownership Program


  • Proof of Alaska Native or American Indian heritage
  • Proof of income (must not exceed 80% of the Median Family Income for Kodiak)
  • A complete application with all supporting documents

This program offers homes built by KIHA between 1978 and 2002. Mutual Help is a lease-to-own program for low-income families with an option to purchase. Monthly house payments are based on income and the homebuyers are responsible for all maintenance and utilities. A $1,500 down payment is sometimes required.

Check out this helpful Q&A document about the program for more information.

Loan Origination

Kodiak Island Housing Authority originates both Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) Loans and Fannie Mae Loans. We are also an approved packager for USDA 502 Direct Loans. From first time home buyers, to refinances, home improvement loans, or second mortgages, we have you covered with a range of options! For more details on the many different loan programs that KIHA offers, use this loan comparison sheet.


  • A complete loan application
  • Borrower must be credit-qualified and current on child support payments
  • For owner-occupied loans, borrower must occupy the purchased property within sixty days of loan closing
  • Down payments vary by property and loan type and range from 2.25% to 20%

Complete the online loan application by clicking below or complete the forms in the Mortgage Loan Application Packet and FAX the completed application to (907) 486-4432 or drop it off at one of our offices. Once an application is received, KIHA’s Mortgage Loan Specialist will review it and follow up with you.

Karenia Hackett
Karenia HackettMortgage Loan Specialist
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