Are there KIHA rentals available in Port Lions, Ouzinkie, Larsen Bay, and Old Harbor?2022-06-30T17:32:58-08:00

At the moment, KIHA has rental properties available in Ouzinkie and Larsen Bay. Please call our Secretary-Receptionist at (907) 486-8111 to inquire about availability in Old Harbor and Port Lions.

Which KIHA rental properties are income-based and which rental properties charge a fixed rate each month?2021-08-13T17:46:25-08:00

KIHA’s income-based rental properties are: Woodside Manor, Heritage Heights, apartments on Sharatin Rd. and Lilly Dr., two duplexes in Ouzinkie, a four-plex on Selief Lane, single family homes and a duplex in Old Harbor, and homes in Larsen Bay.

KIHA’s fixed-rate rental properties are Harborview Apartments, Cliffwood Apartments, and Emerald Heights.

Does KIHA accept rental vouchers? If so, which types do you accept?2021-08-13T17:43:22-08:00

Yes, KIHA accepts Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Housing Choice Vouchers. We also have our own rental voucher program. This program is for American Indian and Alaska Native applicants. If accepted, the family or individual finds a private rental and can apply their voucher amount to monthly rent.

How can I apply for a home loan?2021-08-13T17:42:39-08:00

Visit our Homebuyer Opportunities page to download a loan application. For additional questions and guidance, please call KIHA’s mortgage loan specialist Karenia Hackett. She can be reached at (907) 942 2497 / kareniah@kiha.org.

Something in my apartment or the common area is broken. How do I get it fixed?2021-08-13T17:41:50-08:00

You can request a repair online by filling out the form on our website or call our Secretary-Receptionist at 486-8111. They will create a work order for you and the Facilities Team will get to work right away.

How can I get mortgage documents?2022-07-13T10:16:49-08:00

Please contact our receptionist at (907) 486-8111 or info@kiha.org so they can have a Finance Department team member follow up with you within one business day. For more information on obtaining a mortgage loan through KIHA, visit our Homebuyer Opportunities page.

How can I pay my mortgage online?2021-08-13T17:39:46-08:00

At this time, KIHA does not offer online mortgage payments. We only accept rental payments and Mutual Help Program payments through the online portal.

Why can’t I talk to [a specific KIHA employee]? And why won’t the Secretary-Receptionist give me [insert staff member here] cell phone number?2021-08-13T17:18:06-08:00

KIHA follows a standard process for questions, complaints, and comments from the public. Housing issues are routed to the Housing Department, repair requests go to the Facilities Department, finance questions go to the Finance Department, etc. Allowing certain people to “skip the process” by presenting their question or concern directly to the Senior Accountant, Facilities Director, Executive Director, etc. violates KIHA policy and undermines staff authority. More importantly, showing preferential treatment in this way goes against KIHA’s value (of equity and treating everyone with dignity and respect).

A word about call backs — KIHA is a relatively small organization that does a lot. This means that staff fulfill many roles and are kept busy throughout the day. By taking a detailed message and having a staff member call you back, we ensure that: 1. The correct staff member follows up 2. They have had time to gather helpful information on your dilemma and 3. When they call, you will have their full attention.

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