Welcome to the Family Investment Center

As an organization, KIHA recognizes that the key to self-sufficiency and getting out of poverty is education. In today’s world, very few individuals are able to make a living, support a family and be self-sufficient without a High School Diploma, at a minimum. The Family Investment Center is funded to help parents and children focus on the value of education, physical activity and community involvement.

At the Family Investment Center School-Aged Program, activities are planned for children that address all modalities, encourage healthy choices and physical activity, and include a reading and writing component to reinforce what they are learning in school. An emphasis is placed on education and the need to complete high school. We provide homework assistance and reinforce the skills needed to complete homework and improve reading skills. We provide charter bus service to get children to school, recognizing the importance of daily attendance. We also take our children out into the community and wilderness of Kodiak through field trips, hikes and picnics. We participate in lifelong recreation activities like bowling, swimming, and skating.

We will support parents to participate in schools and help reinforce the importance of attending school every day, completing work assigned at home, and practicing reading skills daily. We will assist students in gaining new physical and social skills and provide access to drug and alcohol-free recreation opportunities.

Hello Woodside Manor!


The school year is already over and the FIC summer program is in full effect. We have some fun activities planned for this summer and we are hoping for some nice weather! This Month we will be closed Wednesday, June 19th for Juneteenth. If you are interested in your kids joining summer camps make sure to reach out to us about tuition coverage.

Summer Camps!

If you are interested in signing up your child for camp contact us about getting your camp fees covered by KIHA.

  • Dig Afognak Survival Skills - June 19th-24th
  • Harvesting Camp - June 27th - July 2nd
  • Dance & Games Camp - July 18th- 23rd
  • Koniag Shareholder Camp - July 11th - July 16th
  • ANC Shareholder Camp - July 31st - August 5th
  • Camp Woody High School - July 1st - 6th 5th-6th Grade - July 8th - 13th 3rd-4th Grade - July 16th- 20th 7th-8th Grade - July 22nd - 27th

Morning Program

This program is through The City Of Kodiak and you can go to their website to learn more.

Monday-Thursday 9AM-NOON

  • Session 1 - June 5th-15th
  • Session 2 - June 19th-29th
  • Session 3 - July 10th-20th
  • Session 4 - July 24th-August 3rd Session 5 - Aguust 7th-17t