March 30, 2023 – March 31, 2023

Kodiak Island Housing Authority (KIHA) was honored to host U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Regional Administrator Margaret Salazar’s visit to Kodiak.
1/25/2022 – President Biden announced the appointment of Margaret Salazar to serve as HUD Regional Administrator for Region 10, serving Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Regional Administrator Salazar will oversee HUD operations, including a Seattle Regional Office and three field offices – one each in Portland, Boise, and Anchorage.
“Regional Administrator Salazar brings a wealth of knowledge to her role, and we look forward to welcoming her back to HUD,” said HUD Office of Field Policy and Management Assistant Deputy Secretary Michele Perez. “She deeply understands the issues and opportunities at the regional level and along with her keen housing expertise she brings a great deal of compassion that will benefit HUD and our stakeholders.”

 KIHA hosted a community Meet & Greet at the Kodiak Hana Restaurant where community leaders recognized Carol Gore’s (Cook Inlet Housing Authority President/CEO) career and work in housing.

Regional Administrator Salazar and Kodiak Island Housing Authority Executive Director Mindy Pruitt watch as Stacie Simmons, Koniag, Inc. Director of Shareholder Services, and Koniag, Inc. President Shauna Hegna present a gift to Carol Gore, Cook Inlet Housing Authority President/CEO at the Kodiak Hana restaurant.

During Margaret’s visit, she toured KIHA’s Family Investment Center, Woodside Manor Apartments, and the Life Builder property.

KIHA Staff met with Margaret and shared their passion in housing.

 KIHA also hosted a Partnership and Tribal Update meeting where Margaret shared the importance of housing, as well as building and sustaining strong communities. Later, Margaret toured the Kodiak Island WildSource and the Alutiiq Museum.

 KIHA would like to thank everyone who made Margaret’s visit a success!