-HAF FAQs2022-07-22T13:58:52-08:00
How do I apply for HAF?2022-07-22T13:54:54-08:00

Through the portal on our website

I already applied for AHFC HAF Funds and was accepted, can I also apply with KIHA?2022-07-22T13:11:53-08:00

Yes, you just can’t accept more than $20K combined with both organizations (it is the same Treasury program so the amount is dictated by Treasury).

I am concerned about my personal data being entered on the Neighborly Portal, is it safe?2022-07-22T13:13:34-08:00

Neighborly Software is running the HAF program through the same portal for the states of California, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Georgia. Their portal security meets the standards of all these states.

I am not sure I have all the information that is required and I’m not sure I can get it all by August 11?2022-07-22T13:14:17-08:00

Create an account in the portal so you are in the system before the closing date on August 11th. We will follow up for missing information after the portal closes to applicants.

I am struggling with the HAF portal and need assistance2022-07-22T14:07:57-08:00

We have staff that can walk you through signing into the portal and if you lack internet access there is a computer station available to enter your information at our 2625 Mill Bay Rd.

I live in one of the villages can I call and have someone help me?2022-07-22T13:10:42-08:00

Yes, please call (907) 486-8111 and ask for HAF assistance

My spouse is AIAN, but I am not. Can I apply?2022-07-22T13:53:08-08:00

If one of the home owners is American Indian or Alaska Native (AIAN) they should be the primary applicant and the home will qualify if the applicant is on title.

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