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Kodiak Island Housing Authority was created by state statute in 1978 and is the tribally designated housing entity (TDHE) for nine tribes in the Kodiak region. A five-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Kodiak Area Native Association’s Board of Directors provides oversight and direction to KIHA’s Executive Director, who manages the day-to-day operations of the housing authority.

KIHA has been providing housing to Kodiak’s communities for over 40 years. Subsidized housing has changed a lot in that time but don’t worry! We have a wealth of experience and outstanding staff devoted to helping you find high-quality and affordable housing in Kodiak. Our mission is getting you the help you need. We are committed to building a community that we can all be proud to live in—one that is full of hard-working people who live in safe, beautiful, and affordable homes.


Kodiak Island Housing Authority’s mission is to ensure safe, decent, and affordable housing while creating opportunities for resident self-sufficiency and economic independence.


Kodiak Island Housing Authority’s vision is that everyone in Kodiak has access to high-quality housing that meets their unique needs. A healthy home environment improves our community members’ quality of life in immeasurable ways and this benefits all who live in the Kodiak region.



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Cheryl “DeeDee” Christofferson

Chairwoman, Board of Commissioners

DeeDee grew up in Ouzinkie, Alaska and has had a full career serving Kodiak’s people. She worked for Ouzinkie Native Corporation and Koniag, Inc. before becoming the Executive Secretary at Natives of Kodiak, Inc. In her spare time, DeeDee enjoys hiking and boating, where she gets to enjoy Kodiak’s diverse wildlife.

Nancy Nelson

Vice Chairwoman, Board of Commissioners

Nancy joined KIHA’s Board of Commissioners in 2000 while working with Kodiak Area Native Association’s Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program (TVR). She was passionate about ensuring that community members with disabilities got the correct housing for their needs and has been involved ever since. Nancy is now retired and works as the President of Port Lions Village’s Tribal Council while enjoying the outdoors, baking, and reading.

Al Cratty, Jr.

Secretary/Treasurer, Board of Commissioners

Al first became interested in serving on KIHA’s Board of Commissioners through talking to friends and neighbors in his hometown of Old Harbor, where he is the Tribal Council President. Al’s neighbors wanted the same treatment and conditions as everyone else in Kodiak and he rose to the challenge of representing them. Al is a lifelong fisherman who owns the Kodiak salmon seiner Markayla Dawn. In his free time, like a true Kodiakan, Al loves to hunt and subsistence fish.

Alex Panamaroff, Jr.

Commissioner, Board of Commissioners

Alex is from Larsen Bay, Alaska and is KIHA’s most experienced Commissioner. He stays involved in Kodiak’s community by also serving on Kodiak Area Native Association’s Board of Directors and the Native Village or Larsen Bay’s Tribal Council.

Margaret Roberts

Commissioner, Board of Commissioners

Margaret is KIHA’s newest commissioner. Born and raised in Kodiak, she co-owned and managed Kodiak Transfer, Inc. until retiring. Since then, Margaret has dedicated much of her time to the Kodiak community by serving as the President of the Alutiiq Museum Board of Directors, the Vicechairwoman of Tangirnaq Native Village’s Tribal Council, and on Natives of Kodiak, Inc.’s Board of Directors. In her free time she enjoys gardening, beach combing, and volunteering at summer youth camps. 


Mindy Pruitt

Executive Director

Mindy left a successful career in elder care at the Kodiak Senior Center to join Kodiak Island Housing Authority as the Services Coordinator in 1999. She broadened her experience by filling the roles of Housing Director and Deputy Director before becoming KIHA’s Executive Director. Mindy stays just as “busy” in her free time as she is at work by enjoying time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Trevor Brown

Housing & Tribal Operations Officer

Trevor is a long-time Kodiak resident and community leader with extensive experience in collaborative decision-making. His background in rural economic development and work with Kodiak’s community stakeholders made him a great fit for KIHA. Trevor enjoys outdoor activities with his family and commercial fishing.

Peggy Tuttle

Senior Accountant

Peggy is a proud military spouse whose family has had the unique opportunity of living in Alaska for over fifteen years. She has a diverse accounting background ranging from large manufacturing companies to small local businesses. Working with Kodiak Island Housing Authority fulfills Peggy’s passion for helping others and the community she is a part of.

Jennifer Ray

Executive Administrative Assistant

Jennifer is originally from Kaua’i, Hawai’i and first came to Kodiak to commercial fish in 2013. The scenery, wildlife, and people of Kodiak encouraged her to settle here for good. She loves working with the friendly folks at KIHA to benefit her adopted community and home. Jennifer’s favorite activities are hiking, reading, and visiting with family.

Bill Applebee

Facilities Director

Bill is originally from Fairbanks, Alaska but has made a permanent home here in Kodiak. He first came to work for KIHA as a part time Computer Technician in the 90s and now leads the Facilities Department. Bill spends his free time enjoying the outdoors in Chiniak.

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