A team spirit approach is required to conceptualize and operationalize the vision of KIHA’s efforts to assist residents in pursuing opportunities for self-sufficiency, healthy interactions and lifestyles, quality of life, enriched living, and other resident initiative activities using a culturally aware and trauma informed approach.

This management position oversees multiple programs and associated staff in the provision of self-sufficiency and resident development and ensures that the programs and staff function in concert with the greater sphere of entitlement and social service programs in the community. The incumbent must develop, implement, monitor, assess, and report on outcomes of program curriculum, strategy, action plans, and best practices deemed necessary to help residents and participants traverse the self-sufficiency continuum. This position ensures that all KIHA self-sufficiency and resident development programs are part of a comprehensive wholistic approach; KIHA service staff work closely, collaboratively, and collegially with external entitlement and social service programs in the community; Service programs and staff work in concert with the school district generally and East Elementary school staff specifically to ensure continuity and reciprocity of education programming and behavioral response; and, the Services staff work in concert with Occupancy staff to ensure both lease and policy compliance by tenants and consistent messaging to tenants about requirements, expectations, responsibilities, and obligations.

This position oversees staff of varying levels of skill and expertise, requiring hands on training followed up with a mentor- model- monitor approach. The Service Program Manager is responsible to train and indoctrinate staff to ensure consistent approach and compliance with KIHA program objectives. Staff are measured on the application of programming and the referral to and assistance with access of identified external entitlement programs social service programs, rather than the outcomes of participants. The manager will utilize self-sufficiency assessments, self-sufficiency plans, and staff time tracking to evaluate efficacy of actions and commitment of service participants to achieving objectives.

This position supports and assists the organization with pursuit of grants, resources, and partnerships that increase the opportunities for tenants and participants, and functions as the in-house expert on the KIHA services operations.

What You Will Be Doing

  1. Responsible for developing and implementing programs that are part of a comprehensive wholistic approach to help residents and participants traverse the self-sufficiency continuum.
  2. Responsible for continued monitoring, assessing, and reporting of outcomes for implemented program curriculum, strategy, action plans, and best practices; provide guidance and direction to organization based on data gained from such assessments and monitoring.
  3. Responsible to perform all management and administrative duties related to the tenant and participant programs; Exercise good judgement in problem solving, adhere to program/ grant requirements, establish quality assurance standards, oversee program budgets, account for staff time, and Provide short- and long-term planning for department operations.
  4. Responsible to know and understand the purpose and function of the various entitlement and social services programs within the Kodiak region. Responsible to build and maintain close collaborative relationships with the agencies, programs, and initiatives that provide each service and ensure staff are properly and professionally engaging with agencies and services to provide maximum resources and assistance to program participants.
  5. Responsible for all aspects of KIHA service and support staff supervision: Recruitment; Training and development; Monitor work activity and productivity; Ensure adherence to KIHA policy and procedures; Perform annual evaluations; Execute disciplinary policy as directed by Employee manual. Responsible for providing staff oversight and participant services at multiple work locations.
  6. Ensure tenants and participants are properly and effectively screened and assessed to identify risk factors and self sufficiency progress. Enhance existing screening tools or develop new or additional tools to ensure comprehensive understanding of the service populations issues and needs.
  7. Ensure proper implementation of welfare to work requirements through the self-sufficiency coordinator(s); Responsible to track Self Sufficiency Plan (SSP) compliance and outcomes.
  8. Responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating all of KIHA’s resident programs to ensure optimal service delivery and results:
        • Elder tenant engagement services
        • Disabilities support services for eligible participants at Heritage Heights in accordance with Alaska Mental Health Trust grant requirements;
        • Life Builders young adult self-sufficiency program;
        • Nutrition support for children’s program;
        • Parenting instruction and development programs;
        • Any additional programs developed by the Housing Authority for tenants and participants.
        • Parent and Toddler engagement groups;
        • Afterschool youth activities and development program for elementary through High School;
  9. Ensure staff work professionally and effectively with applicants, tenants, and participants; Ensure respectful and timely customer service. Responsible for developing and implementing tenant and participant communication tools and policies; Ensure regular tenant and participant contact; newsletters and program handouts

  10. Responsible to coordinate education and development with KIBSD; Ensure implementation of literacy development and homework assistance; Develop and monitor education programs. Develop and implement effective and compassionate disciplinary guidelines for participants. Ensure parent involvement in child education through SSP.

  11. Ensure proper implementation of the Housing Authority youth food assistance program; Ensure adherence to applicable health and safety guidelines.

  12. Oversee participant transportation services and ensure staff follow vehicle use policy and CDL requirements. Ensure youth participants are provided safe transportation to school and daycare; Ensure Tenants and participants are afforded transportation assistance in accordance with welfare to work requirements.

  13. Responsible for developing policies and procedures as necessary to properly execute grant activities.

  14. Ensure self and staff maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality as defined by regulation, policy, and procedures.

  15. Responsible for promoting a safe and drug free work environment.

  16. Other duties assigned by the Housing Director and Executive Director

Preferred qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related field
  • 5 years of experience in social service program management
  • 3 years of Supervisory/ Staff management experience
  • Must have and retain a valid State of Alaska Driver’s License
  • Demonstrate knowledge of community development strategies and supportive service programming
  • Demonstrate grant writing and grant management skills
  • Ability to work and communicate with individuals of all ages with diverse social, cultural and educational backgrounds
  • Demonstrated knowledge of local public and private social service agencies and organizations

The successful candidate will have…

  • Must be able to develop and maintain professional and collegial relationships with community partners
  • Must be able to give and receive constructive criticism and directions.
  • Must be able to lead by example and positively motivate assigned staff to achieve desired work product and outcomes.
  • Must be able to lead and work under pressure and meet project benchmarks and deadlines.
  • Must be able to problem solve through use of experience and technical knowledge.
  • Must be drug free and able to pass initial drug screen in accordance with Federal law.
  • Must be an extremely well-organized person with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Willingness to travel to remote village communities;
  • Willingness to work flexible schedule to meet resident and program needs;

Key Relationships

  • Work closely with Housing advisor to identify individual and family needs and demographics.
  • Work closely with Housing advisor to meet ongoing individual and family needs; assist families in maintaining Housing contract compliance.
  • Develop and maintain close professional relationships with Community social service organizations engaged in the Human Services Coalition to identify resources for families and individuals.
  • Develop and maintain functional relationships with KIBSD, KIB and Kodiak Parks and Rec to ensure education and activity opportunities for program youth.
  • Develop and maintain close professional relationships with KANA behavioral health, Providence, and KIBSD counsellors to ensure participant youth and parents have access to necessary emotional supports.


Kodiak Island Housing Authority is an Equal Housing Opportunity Employer. This position is subject to the Alaska Native/American Indian employment preference under Section 7(b) of the Native American/Alaska Native Housing and Self-Determination Act, and Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 (12 U.S. C. 1701U) and Regulations in 24 CFR part 135.


  • Status: Full time Exempt
  • Salary Range: 50 ($67,837-91,779)- DOE
  • Benefits: Fringe benefits offered

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