Weatherization / Renovation
How Does it Work?

Kodiak Island Housing Authority’s (KIHA’s) home weatherization and renovation program provides repairs, upgrades, renovations and improvements to the homes of American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) homeowners where there are health, safety, and energy efficiency issues present.

Weatherization improvements may consist of insulating, weather stripping and caulking, new doors, windows, heating systems, siding or roofing. Renovations can address accessibility improvements. KIHA staff works with the homeowner in determining the scope of work.

Assistance provided shall be at no cost to an eligible homeowner. For improvements in excess of $5,000 proof of insurance naming KIHA as co-insured is required. The homeowner will also be required to execute the appropriate security documents i.e., Deed of Trust which will permit KIHA to recapture its investment should the homeowner sell the home within 10 years of completion of the work.

AHFC Home Improvement/Renovation Loans

KIHA has other weatherization/renovation program options available through AHFC. Please refer to the Home Improvement option located in Mortgage Loans

Applicants must meet the following eligibility guidelines:
  • Own and reside in home.
  • Provide Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood/Tribal Enrollment card.

Application Process

Get started by filling out the application below. Then, contact Kodiak Island Housing Authority to go over the form and complete the process.

Please complete the application as fully as you can. 

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