Kodiak Archipelago Rural Regional Leadership Forum

Who We Are:

The Kodiak Archipelago Rural Regional Leadership Forum (the Forum) is a consortium of community adult and young adult leaders from the six off-road system communities of Akhiok, Karluk, Larsen Bay, Old Harbor, Ouzinkie and Port Lions. Our communities date back to far before the first Russian contact and have strong roots in the Archipelago’s Suqpiaq/Alutiiq heritage. As maritime communities accessible only by boat or small plane, our economies are based on the resources of the sea.

The Forum grew out of a strong need that given our remote location and small size, leadership across our communities must work together to successfully support community and regional goals. Community leaders are recommended to be part of the Forum based on their service and leadership. We have no elected officers, rather we come together to learn about opportunities, develop a regional agenda, and work with identified federal, state, regional and local partners to implement that agenda. We began to meet in September of 2005 and have continued to meet three times a year in September, January and April at Kodiak College in the city of Kodiak. Our meetings run for three days and are supported by a facilitator/coordinator and staff from Kodiak Island Housing Authority and Kodiak College University of Alaska Anchorage. Forum initiatives are coordinated between forums through extensive use of distance communication technologies.  

Our Supporters:

Financial support for the Forum is provided by the Kodiak Island Housing Authority. This support pays for travel, housing and meals for community leaders to fly into Kodiak to participate in the Forums, telecommunications, and for the facilitator/coordinator. Community leaders volunteer their time to attend, and for many this commitment represents a minimum of 12 full days a year, including travel time. Kodiak College also provides in-kind support through the use of their classroom facilities and services provided by their administrative staff.

Forum Effectiveness:

The Forum conducted an in-depth self-assessment the fall of 2012. The self-assessment identified that the Forum is highly effective in:

Fostering regional unity and positive relationships between communities and with regional government, state legislators and agencies.
Providing networking and educational opportunities to community leaders that otherwise would not be available.
That the Forum has developed a very effective process in identifying key goals and developing collaborative working relationships in their achievement.
That the Forum has raised awareness between our communities of unaddressed needs and also successes.

Forum Agenda

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Contact Us

For more information regarding the forum please contact:

Robbie Townsend Vennel
Forum Facilitator/Coordinator