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Facilities Superintendent


The Facilities Superintendent is a highly skilled working position that provides initial assessments for requested and projected projects, assists with scoping and planning approved projects, oversees implementation of projects and assigned project staff and contractors, assists the Facilities Supervisor in providing project quality control and implementing quality assurance at project sites, in addition to functioning as a site Forman. Projects include, but are not limited to, new construction, remodels, refurbishments, and weatherization for both private and KIHA properties. The Superintendent may be responsible for numerous concurrent project sites and will need to be able to appropriately communicate with, task, and delegate authority to site Foremen or contractors. When projects are limited, or when assigned, the Superintendent functions as a site foreman and performs the functions of such.

This position reports to the Facilities Supervisor and provides substantial assistance to the Facilities Supervisor in assessing, scoping, and planning for approved projects and receives project assignments from the Facilities Supervisor. In addition, this position assists the Facilities Director with developing project budgets.

This position requires regular village travel.

Status: Full time -Hourly
Salary Range:$30+ per hour DOE
Benefits:Full fringe benefits offered

Closes February 15th.