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Incumbent must be able to perform two roles simultaneously, that of the receptionist to the Kodiak Island Housing Authority's clients and secretary to management staff. Incumbent assists clients over the telephone and via email in a manner that is helpful and courteous.

Incumbent should be proficient in operating standard office equipment, including computers with an emphasis on proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel. Incumbent should be able to manage and update KIHA’s website. Must be proficient in performing duties in a highly organized and professional manner within a very busy office environment. Works intensively with the Housing Data System (HDS) software and RingCentral. Provides extensive and varied support to multiple staff. 

1.Responsible for answering inquiries directly or directing them to appropriate personnel. Responsible for answering all incoming phone calls, taking messages, and directing calls to appropriate personnel. 
2.Assist Housing Manager with outgoing mail: addressing, metering, tracking/logging required mailings (HUD), and certify mail as needed.
3.Responsible for typing correspondence, reports, and other miscellaneous documents as directed by management staff.
4.Responsible for problem solving common tasks.
5.Responsible for working professionally and effectively with internal and external partners, applicants, tenants, and participants. Responsible for providing respectful and timely customer service.
6.Responsible for managing the Housing Authority Maintenance work order system; Receive requests for service from tenants or Housing staff; Generate and enter housing unit work orders into the HDS work order system; Track progress of work order and enter completed work orders.
7.Assist Finance Department with time intensive administrative operations such as mailings, file creation/closing, and other tasks as directed.
8.Manage the KIHA Instagram Account. 
9.Assist Executive Administrative Assistant with updating the staff calendar and sending out a weekly staff email.
10.Responsible for promoting a safe and drug free work environment.
11.Other administrative duties as assigned by the Executive Administrative Assistant, Housing Director, Finance Director, or Executive Director.
12.Use RingCentral and Text Line to manage communications from applicants, the public, and tenants. 

This position works closely with all departments and staff and is a critical communication link.
This position is the face and voice of the organization as it relates to the public, applicants, tenants, and program participants. Must develop and maintain friendly professional relations with all. 
Work closely with maintenance to ensure prompt, prioritized response to customer maintenance needs.

Must be highly organized individual capable of managing multiple priorities.
Must have professional telephone etiquette and be capable of dealing with complaints or emergencies in a calm and considerate manner.  
Must have three years of secretarial experience with high level of proficiency with computers.
Ability to use correct English, spell correctly, and perform accurate mathematical calculations.
Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relations with clients and co-workers. Must possess a team-oriented attitude. 
Minimum education; high school diploma.
Must be able to type 40 wpm minimum.

Kodiak Island Housing Authority is an Equal Housing Opportunity Employer. This position is subject to the Alaska Native/American Indian employment preference under Section 7(b) of the Native American/Alaska Native Housing and Self-Determination Act, and Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 (12 U.S. C. 1701U) and Regulations in 24 CFR part 135.

Status: Non-exempt
Salary Range:16 $29,299-39,640 DOE 
Benefits:Fringe benefits offered

Facilities Laborer

Under general supervision, assists and performs a variety of work in the general maintenance and repair of Kodiak Island Housing Authority (KIHA) properties, buildings, facilities, and equipment located in Kodiak and the surrounding villages. Performs related duties as assigned. 
Village travel required. Additional off island travel may be necessary for training.

1.General maintenance and repair: Assists Lead and Repairers in ensuring that buildings and equipment are maintained in a safe, clean and orderly condition in accordance with health and fire regulations; monitors maintenance schedules to assure tasks are performed in a timely manner; repairs and treats structures such as floors, showers, sinks, walls, roofs, stairways, and carpets; cleans debris from roof gutters as necessary; troubleshoots, repairs and adjusts locks on doors, cabinets, desks, closets; repairs door hinges; inspects various ventilation units; maintains and services kitchen equipment; arrange for disposal of hazardous waste and chemicals; moves furniture and equipment; opens and closes housing facilities and other site buildings.
2.Carpentry: Assists with rough and finished carpentry work in the repair of structures such as partitions, walls, doors, fences, window frames, roofs, office furniture and shelves. 
3.Glazier: Repairs and replaces windows and panes; replaces window and door hardware; replaces glass for windows, doors, and light fixtures. 
4.Electrical: Assists with electrical repair work in wiring for switches, outlets, plugs, cables, power circuits and appliances; repairs and replaces lighting systems; inspects electrical systems for unsafe conditions; maintains and regularly tests working condition of safety equipment including fire alarm, emergency lighting, and intercom systems. 
5.Plumbing: Assists with repairing and maintaining plumbing leaks or breaks above and below ground; repairing and maintaining appropriate functioning systems including sewer/supply lines, replacing seals and other minor parts; maintaining all underground water lines. 
6.Painting: applies and prepares various surfaces for paint, enamel, lacquer, varnish or stain; removes or paints over graffiti; repairs wall coverings. 
7.Grounds Maintenance: Maintains grounds in clean and orderly manner including mowing, trimming, aerating and fertilizing lawns; sets sprinklers; replaces broken sprinkler heads; weeds; trims tree branches that create hazardous situations; maintains fire lanes around buildings and property; Utilize snow removal equipment (plow trucks, snow blowers, and shovels) to clean debris, snow, and ice from grounds, pathways, driveways, and parking lots.
8.Masonry: Assist with laying forms, mixing, pouring, finishing, and repairing concrete for sidewalks, pavers, ramps, and slabs. 
9.Safety/Security/Sanitation: Assist with reporting and removing any safety hazards; reports and repairs damage to site property; reports unauthorized visitors; secures doors, windows, and grounds; responds to emergency cleanups such as spills and clogged drains.

Work respectfully and professionally with coworkers.
Works professionally with customers requesting maintenance services.

Minimum education and training: any combination of education, training, and experience or ability to learn or perform the duties and responsibilities as described. A lack of experience in one area may not be a barrier to recruitment. KIHA is willing to train successful recruits.
Demonstrate basic experience of methods used in maintenance and building repair, including basic knowledge of electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry, glass replacement, painting, and ground; safety practices and procedures relating to the building trades. 
Experience with a variety of hand tools, power tools, and equipment necessary for described tasks.
Communicate effectively in both oral and written form; receive and give instructions and prepare work orders and reports.
Must be able to measure distance and calculate quantities; ability to read and interpret specifications and blueprints.
Physical requirements: must be able to perform a variety of physical labor including climbing ladders, bending, kneeling, reaching, and standing for long periods of time; lift and carry up to 50 pounds of boxes, tools, equipment and materials.
Must possess and maintain a valid Alaska Driver’s License.
Must be able to work well with management, coworkers, assigned staff, contractors, and customers.
Must be open to development and advancement of skills and technical knowledge.
Must be able to receive constructive criticism and directions.
Must be able to work under pressure and meet project benchmarks and deadlines.
Must be drug free and able to pass initial drug screen in accordance with Federal law.

Status: Non-exempt
Salary Range:HUD standard (Laborer)
Benefits:Full fringe benefits

Summer Temporary Youth Aide

Operating in an active, energetic, and dynamic environment involving up to two dozen children, this position is responsible for assisting the Youth Activities Coordinator (YAC) with implementing the after-school youth program at the Family Investment Center (FIC) of the Kodiak Island Housing Authority (KIHA). Responsible to assist Youth Activities Coordinator with the following: provide intensive oversight for high needs and high-risk factor youth participating in the program; assist the Youth Activities Coordinator with overseeing and implementing after school activities and education opportunities; coordinate education activity and homework assistance with KIBSD.

This position is a temporary summer position. KIHA is looking for a qualified elementary school aide willing to work M-F 12pm-6pm (June-August). 

1.Provide one on one or small group engagement and oversite of high needs youth in the program. 
2.Supervise youth during activities; assist youth participating in games, crafts, and sports activities by explaining required tasks or rules for the activity. Responsible for providing guidance and direction to youth participants. 
3.Responsible for applying consequences that are fair, consistent and age appropriate. Assist coordinator with identifying behavioral needs and documenting behavioral issues. 
4.Responsible for setting up necessary equipment and supplies; properly store and stow when not in use; inspect for safe use. 
5.Responsible for demonstrating leadership to assure proper conduct, safety, and development of youth participants. 
6.Assist coordinator with implementing a literacy assistance program. 
7.Responsible for problem solving common tasks through use policy, procedure and supervisor provided guidance. 
8.Responsible for maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality as defined by regulation, policy, and procedures. 
9.Perform other duties as assigned by the Youth Activities Coordinator or Services Program Manager 
10.Responsible for working professionally and effectively with internal and external partners, applicants, tenants, and participants; Responsible for providing respectful and timely customer service. 
11.Responsible to promote a safe and drug free work environment. 

Work closely with participant children and parents to understand family and child needs. 
Work closely and professionally with other FIC staff

Experience as a KIBSD Aide required 
Experience with KIBSD conscious discipline 
Experience with trauma informed care, or an understanding of challenges and compassion necessary for working with youth facing barriers or disabilities 

Must be 18 years of age 
Ability to handle loud, chaotic environments 
Ability to effectively communicate with youth and adults. 
Ability to interact with youth from a position of authority 
Ability and willingness to follow directions and receive constructive criticism and feedback.

Status: Hourly 
Salary Range:$20-$22 per hour DOE