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3137 Mill Bay Road 
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Employment with Kodiak Island Housing Authority

Job Title: Foreman – Temporary
Location:Kodiak, Alaska
Salary: Depends on Experience

Period: Application review will begin on July 16, 2018 and the position is open until filled.
Estimated project duration: July 23, 2018 through September 30, 2018 

General Function: Skilled in all phases of wood frame construction. Ability to lead, train, and direct semi-skilled and un-skilled crews in a professional manner. Must be able to analyze various and individual problems independently, and solve them with professional results. Must be able to work in unfavorable weather. 

Duties: Work with and supervise crews for all phases of wood frame construction and all aspects of interior remodel as well as new construction. Train and layout crews for efficient results. Complete daily construction reports and time cards as required. Must have excellent safety working standards.

Minimum Qualifications: 5 Years as a Journeyman Level Carpenter. 2 years in a construction supervisory position. Must have experience with job safety standards and principals. Must have or be able to obtain a valid First Aid and CPR Card. 

Major Activities (Typical Duties/Responsibilities):

* Build or repair cabinets, doors, frameworks, floors, and other wooden fixtures used in buildings, using woodworking machines, carpenter's hand tools, and power tools.
* Study specifications in blueprints, sketches or building plans to prepare project layout and determine dimensions and materials required.
* Performs weatherization improvements and repairs, including but not limited to attic space ventilation, baffling and insulating, removal and replacement of single pane windows with thermo pane unit, wall insulation, air sealing and vapor barrier upgrades, insulated door units, and weather-stripping of doors.
* Shape or cut materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saw.
* Follow established safety rules and regulations and maintain a safe and clean environment.
* Performs interior and exterior remodeling which may include painting, drywall, and detail carpentry.
* Performs manual labor tasks including loading, unloading, lifting and moving materials, supplies and equipment.
* Must be able to work in confined spaces or multiple story heights as required.
* Performs other related work as assigned.


* Considerable knowledge of the methods, tools, practices used in the carpentry trades.  
* Must be able to analyze various and individual problems independently, and solve them with professional results and excellent workmanship.
* Must be able to work in unfavorable weather conditions while maintaining good productivity.
* Considerable knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the buildings, electrical or mechanical trades.  
* Considerable knowledge of the standard practices, processes and materials involved in trades related to general construction.  
* Must be willing to travel to remote locations as required.
* Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds on a regular basis.

Education, Experience, and other Requirements:

* Five years of journeyman level experience in construction work.
* 2 years in a construction supervisory position.
* Graduation from high school or any equivalent combination of experience and training.  
* Must have a valid driver's license and an insurable driving record for the last three (3) years, and maintain such valid driver's license and insurable driving record while employed by KIHA.
* Must be insurable by the insurance carrier of the Kodiak Island Housing Authority.
* Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test.

* Kodiak Island Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This position is subject to Alaska Native/American Indian employment preference under section 7(b) of the Indian Self-Determination Act. Under Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968, preference will be given to low income applicants.

Job applications are available at the Kodiak Island Housing Authority office or online at Applications may be mailed, delivered to the Kodiak Island Housing Authority receptionist at the address below or faxed to (907) 486-4432 or 1-800-478-4432.

Direct Questions To:

Kodiak Island Housing Authority
Attn: William E. Applebee
Facilities Director
3137 Mill Bay Road
Kodiak, AK 99615
(907) 486-8111


Life Builders Self Sufficiency Coordinator

Closing Date: 9/7/18

Department:Housing Services
Reports to:Services Coordinator
Reporting Staff:Life Builders Relief Staff

This position is responsible for overseeing and implementing the KIHA Life Builders (LB) transitional housing program and assisting other services self-sufficiency programs as directed. This program is a mentoring and development program for young adults in need of basic life skills development and adult responsibilities skills development. The average participant typically enters the program at the level of an older adolescent with significant deficiencies in basic life skills, social engagement capacity, emotional maturity, and employment skills. Participants need a structured environment with extensive staff and community engagement that provides opportunities for daily learning. The successful applicant needs to be prepared to mentor, guide, and teach participants as they make a difficult transition from unskilled youth to adults who have the necessary skills and abilities to live self-sufficient lives. In addition, the applicant needs to have experience dealing with the risk factors associated with poverty; trauma, substance abuse history, socio-emotional difficulties, broken homes, and a lack of adult role models. As no one person has all of the necessary skills and training, extensive connection and collaboration with other community services and programs is a must. 

The ability to work with minimal supervision and to work effectively and establish a positive rapport with KIHA residents, staff, and community members is mandatory. 

Participant Services
1.Responsible for developing an effective mentoring relationship with participants built through intensive engagement and supervision. Identify and take advantage of teachable moments for all manner of skill and development opportunities as they arise during activities and engagement.
2.Responsible to offer trauma informed services that take into account the socio-emotional deficiencies participants may face. Responsible to deal professionally with participant issues, altercations, and infractions.
3.Responsible for establishing group relationship building activities, group celebrations, etc. that connect residents with housemates, improve social interactions, and mitigate resident social barriers to self-sufficiency. Responsible to engage participants in community activities and events that expose participants to local activities, culture and norms, and guide them in utilizing their recreation time appropriately.
4.Ensure participants meet employment requirements of program. Responsible to visit worksites, job shadow, mentor participant, and engage with supervisors to assist in achieving successful employment outcomes. 
5.Ensure safe and healthy worksites for Life Builders staff and participants; Ensure cleanliness of worksite and participant living quarters; Enforce housing responsibilities, cleaning tasks and chores assigned to participants.
6.Responsible for providing or instructing a variety of self-sufficiency and quality of life skills weekly workshops such as hygiene, cleaning, cooking, shopping, budgeting, time management, parenting, employment soft skills, etc. as needed or required. Ensure workshops are timed and located to meet resident needs and schedules where practical. Coordinate and collaborate with other KIHA and community educational resources. Responsible for developing lesson plans that work to provide comprehensive skill development over time.
7.Ensure and assist participants with transportation assistance in accordance with program SOPs.
8.Responsible for developing and maintaining effective and professional working relationships with KIHA staff, and with social services providers in the community. Responsible for knowing and understanding social services programs that may assist program participants in achieving Self-Sufficiency. Responsible to participate in the Kodiak Human Services Coalition and other appropriate groups.
Program Administration
1.Responsible for overseeing and implementing the Life Builders program in accordance with the LB manual, SOPs, and KIHA policies. Responsible to develop and implement Life Builders Self Sufficiency Plans. Responsible for monitoring and evaluating the delivery, impact and effectiveness of participant SSP. Ensure plans are adapted to participant strengths and realities.
2.Responsible for participating in applicant screening committee. Responsible for completing intake assessments, interviews, and Family Self-Sufficiency Plans (SSP) with program participants and partnered agencies.
3.Responsible for providing outreach and recruiting community and village participation in Life Builders.
4.Responsible for exercising judgement in resolving problems in resident service and support programs.
5.Responsible for maintaining appropriate records as directed by program requirements (i.e. attendance forms, resident’s intake and FSS files, case management documentation, release of information, inventory, etc.). Responsible for maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality for records and communications as defined by regulation, policy, and procedures.
6.Responsible to promote a safe and drug free work environment.
7.Perform other duties as assigned by the Service Coordinator or Housing Director and assist Services Coordinator with delegated administrative tasks.
1.This position is considered a working supervisor and is responsible for providing Housing Authority services to residents; requires flexible and responsive availability geared towards tenant work schedules. 
2.Responsible for all aspects of Life Builders staff supervision: Recruitment, monitoring work activity, staff scheduling, training, modeling, mentoring, and productivity assessment; Ensure adherence to KIHA policy and procedures; Ensure staff have sufficient skills and experience to perform assigned work; perform annual evaluations; execute disciplinary policy as directed by Employee manual. Life Builders oversight and activities require scheduled work outside standard KIHA hours.
3.Responsible for after hours on call supervision for emergencies involving participants and staff. 

Work closely with Services Coordinator and Adult Self Sufficiency Coordinator to achieve Housing Services goals and objectives.
Close working relationship with Housing advocate to identify individual and family needs and demographics.
Close working relationship with Housing advisor to meet ongoing individual and family needs; assist families in maintaining Housing contract compliance.
Close working relationship with Community social service organizations engaged in the Human Services Coalition to identify resources for families and individuals.
Develop and maintain functional relationships with potential employers for participants.

Experience with teen, young adult, or at risk adult programs important to success of applicant.
High School Diploma or equivalent required; prefer 2 or 4-year degree in a field related to program management or social services. Experience in such fields may be substituted for degree.
Able to work independently with minimal supervision;
Able to work well with others; must be highly interactive, available, and engaged
Have knowledge of supportive service agencies and programs in the community and resources available; 
Able to coordinate multiple community resources to meet needs of applicants and residents;
Highly organized individual able to schedule work to meet deadlines;
Able to work with persons of various backgrounds and skills;
Must have good command of the English language, and be able to read, write, and speak English;
Must have exceptional oral and written communication skills;
Able to grasp technical regulations and policies governing programs;
Able to type 40 WPM;
Experience in office equipment, familiar with computers and windows operating system;
Must have, or obtain a State of Alaska Driver’s License and meet KIHA’s vehicle liability insurance requirements.

Kodiak Island Housing Authority is an Equal Housing Opportunity Employer. This position is subject to the Alaska Native/American Indian employment preference under Section 7(b) of the Native American/Alaska Native Housing and Self-Determination Act, and Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 (12 U.S. C. 1701U) and Regulations in 24 CFR part 135.

Status: Full time, Non-exempt
Salary Range:Range 28- $39,404 Starting DOE
Benefits:Fringe benefits offered